Palais Herend

Porcelain rose-making and porcelain painting in Budapest


Program offers of Palais Herend


Porcelain painting course incl. painting of a porcelain plate (1 day):

  • without firing of the painted plate: 60000 HUF p. person (the painted plate cannot be taken away)
  • including firing of the painted plate: 90000 HUF p. person
  • Porcelain rose-making (60 min.): 60000 HUF p. group
  • Herend motifs with watercolour painting (60 min.): 40000 HUF p. group


Available patterns (flowers and butterflies): VRH, PR, VICTP1, VICTP2, VICTP3. The painted plate is fired in Herend and shipped in a package to the address provided. The course fee includes mineral water and 1 coffee on the spot. The course fee does not include the cost of delivery. The painted plate cannot be taken away without firing.

Application deadline: 10 days prior to the program.


Painting demonstration (viewing porcelain painting):

1.5 hours – 90000 HUF p. group

Application deadline: 10 days prior to the program.


Creative workshop programs are organized upon prior registration in the opening hours of Palais Herend.

Number of simultaneous program participants: 1-12 persons.


Opening hours of Palais Herend (1051 Budapest, József nádor tér 10-11.)

Monday-Friday: 10:00-18:00. Saturday: 10:00-14:00


Closures of Palais Herend


15 March 2024 FRI closed
29 March 2024 GOOD FRIDAY closed
31 March – 01 April 2024 EASTER closed
1 May 2024 WED closed
19 – 20 MAY 2024 PENTECOST closed
20 August 2024 TUE closed
23 October 2024 WED closed
1 November 2024 FRI closed
24, 25, 26 December 2024 CHRISTMAS closed
31 December 2024 TUE closed
1 January 2025 WED closed


All prices include VAT.


Booking and further information


Tünde Csécsi

Kossuth Lajos u. 140, 8440 Herend, Hungary

Phone: +36 88/523-231, +36 20/378-3887



Palais Herend

József nádor tér 10-11, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36 20/241-5736