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(If Operator allows materials, writings, images, press releases, and any other materials from Users to be published on Operator’s Website, the following rules govern the handling of these materials.)


Operator has the right, but not the obligation, to place on the Website the materials provided by User to the Website Operator.


Any communication or material sent to Operator through the Website or by electronic mail is NOT considered confidential. User undertakes that the communication or material does not contain content that violates the law or is otherwise unsuitable for publication, makes every effort to remove viruses or other harmful elements from any communication or material before sending it, and the material User want to send is owned by User or User has unlimited usage rights to send it to Operator.


By submitting various materials (such as comments, written opinions, images etc.) to the Website Operator, User assigns all rights to the Website Operator, including the right to publish, use, shorten, modify or remove the materials.


Operator has the right to reproduce, publish, or use the communications or materials in any form for any purpose.


Operator may freely use the content of such communications or materials, including ideas, innovations, concepts, methods, and know-how, for any purpose, including the development, production and/or marketing of products and services, without owing the sender any compensation for this.


User accepts that from now on these rights may be exercised without compensation, are not limited in time and space and can be freely transferred to third parties by the Website Operator; finally, User accepts that they will not initiate proceedings against Operator in relation to the material Operator has uploaded.


User undertakes not to take any legal action against Operator in relation to the material sent, and to indemnify Operator if a third party takes any legal action against Operator in relation to the material sent by User.


Operator is not obliged to control the contents published by Users of the Website. Operator assumes no responsibility for the contents and information found here, including their veracity and accuracy. Operator may, at its sole discretion, remove any contents posted by Users at any time.




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Website Operator does not continuously check the materials and does not identify with the materials that Users publish on the Website.


Before publishing the materials, User must make sure that they have all the rights and consents necessary for publication; otherwise, User must obtain the necessary rights and consents; User is obliged to make sure that the materials do not contain parts that conflict with the law or are otherwise unsuitable for communication; User shall make every effort to scan for and remove viruses or other elements capable of infection or damage.


Website Operator is not obliged to check whether the materials published by User may infringe the rights of third parties. In case of violation of these terms and conditions, User is liable to the Website Operator and is obliged to pay for the resulting damages or expenses.


This includes meeting the needs of third parties, including legal costs, which are asserted due to the fault of User against the Website Operator.




It is User’s responsibility to make any backup copies of the materials User posts on the Website if the materials are important to User. Website Operator assumes no responsibility if such materials are irretrievably lost through data deletion or modification, and is not obliged to preserve them in any form.




Operator may modify or remove the Content in whole or in part at any time without notice. By using the Website, User agrees that this policy and its amendments by Operator are binding, and at the same time they undertake to regularly open this page to see which current terms and conditions they have to comply with.




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